firstly, in a large mixing bowl take thick curd. best if you use hung curd.

also add mayonnaise sauce. skip if you do not have mayonnaise. however, it does add lots of flavour.

additionally, add crushed / powdered pepper according to your spice level.

sprinkle some salt to taste. and give a good mix.

now add few finely chopped vegetables like carrot, cabbage, capsicum.

add some corn and ginger if you like.

give a good mix and keep aside.

firstly, take any bread and cut the edges of them. this is optional. you can even do with the edges.

now take sandwich spread and spread generously over one side of bread slice.

cover and press with other bread slice over it.

cover and press with other bread slice over it.

when the butter begins to melt, sprinkle some sesame seeds over it.

now place the prepared sandwich and spread over butter. so that butter and sesame seeds coats uniformly.

once, one side of bread turn golden brown, repeat the same step of adding butter and sesame seeds. toast the other side of bread by pressing gently.

to serve, cut the sandwich in half or serve as it is.

finally, enjoy the curd sandwich. you can also pack it into your kids snack box.