firstly, get 2 litre to a boil stirring in between to prevent it from burning.

add 2 tbsp vinegar and give stir. you will notice the milk starts to curdle.

add 1 more tbsp of vinegar and stir until the milk curdles fully separating water.

drain off the water over the cheesecloth. you can use any clean cloth here. rinse with cold water to remove sourness and stop cooking.

squeeze the paneer gently and hang for 30 minutes.

now take the moist paneer and crumble gently.

using the palm, start to knead gently.

knead until the paneer mixture turns smooth without any grains. do not over-knead here as the rasgulla will turn hard.

pinch a small ball sized chenna and prepare smooth crack free balls, flatten slightly.

keep the flattened paneer ball aside and cover with a moist cloth.

firstly, in a large vessel, take 1½ cup sugar, 3 pods cardamom and 7 cup water.

stir and dissolve sugar.

now boil the water for 5 minutes or until the syrup turns slightly sticky.

drop in a prepared flattened paneer ball keeping the flame on high.

cover and boil for 7 minutes or until the size of the ball doubles.

chenna has been cooked well. keep aside.

firstly, in a large kadai heat 1-litre milk, few saffron and pinch of saffron food colour.

stir and get the milk to a boil.

continue to cook until the milk thickens slightly.

now add ½ cup sugar and continue to boil.

do not make very thick milk as it will be difficult for chenna to absorb milk.

also, add ¼ tsp cardamom powder and 2 tbsp nuts. mix well.

squeeze off the sugar syrup from the cooked paneer balls.

place them in a tray and pour in prepared rabdi.

rest for at least 4 hours or until the rasmali is soaked well.