sandwich recipe

firstly, take 3 bread slices and trim of the sides. you can use sides to prepare bread crumbs.

now using a rolling pin, flatten the bread slices.

using butter, press and seal 3 bread slices together.

now spread 3 tsp of butter over the bread slices.

prepare a sauce by taking ¼ cup eggless mayonnaise and 1 tsp green chutney.

mix well making sure everything is well combined.

spread 3 tsp of prepared sauce over the buttered bread.

also, top with ½ capsicum.

place 3 slice cheese and sprinkle ¼ tsp pepper powder.

now top with 3 tbsp cabbage and ½ carrot.

garnish with 1 tbsp tomato sauce and pinch salt.

roll tight making sure all the layers are intact.

now wrap in cling wrap tightly. you can alternatively use aluminium foil.

refrigerate for 30 minutes or until it sets well.

after 30 minutes, slice the sandwich thickly.

finally, the pinwheel sandwich is ready to be served.