firstly, in a large mixing bowl take 2 cup wheat flour and 2 tbsp rava.

add water as required and knead the dough.

knead to smooth and stiff dough.

now pinch a small ball sized dough and prepare disk.

deep fry in hot oil.

press gently with the spoon to puff up.

once they puff, it will automatically turn over. if not, once the bottom side is golden brown, turn over the poori.

and fry the puri till golden brown all over. also drain the poori into tissue paper to remove excess oil. keep aside.

firstly, in a large kadai heat 3 cup milk with ¼ tsp saffron.

stir and boil the milk well.

boil until the milk thickens slightly.

further add ¼ cup sugar and stir well.

continue to boil until the milk thickens well.

additionally, add ¼ tsp cardamom powder and stir well.

take the prepared poori and fold triangle.

dip the folded poori into warm milk both the sides.

allow to soak for atleast 10 minutes or until the poori absorbs the milk and turns to soft poli.

finally, enjoy paal poli by garnishing with chopped almonds.

firstly, take 3 cup wheat flour and one-third cup suji into a flour container.

also add water and oil into respective jars.

start preparing poori by keeping thickness – 1, roast – 1 and oil -2.

deep fry the poori and prepare milk poli as shown above.