oreo cheesecake recipe

firstly, with the help of food processor or a ziplock bag, crush and powder coarsely 36 oreo biscuits.

further add ¾ cup unsalted melted butter and mix well. this helps to make crust more moist and hold shape

transfer the prepared oreo crust into 8 inch springform cake pan

level up and press tight with the help of a cup making sure the base is tight.

keep in refrigerator for 15 minutes, allowing to set.

firstly, in a large mixing bowl take cream cheese.

also add condensed milk / milkma

1. and additionally add vanilla extract for more flavou

further squeeze half lemon and mix gently

with the help of hand blender or a whisk beat continuously

beat till stiff peaks appear. do not over beat as they start to curdle

transfer the prepared cream cheese cake mixture to the previously set oreo crust springform cake pan.

level it up with the help of spatula

also pat twice to remove if any air bubbles present.

now refrigerate for 3 hours or overnight to set completely. make sure to cover and then refrigerate.

after 3 hours, the cake will be well set. loosen the springform cake pan slowly without damaging the cake.

also add sugar and cocoa powder

additionally add vanilla extract.

beat till stiff peaks appear. do not over beat as the cream turns to butter

transfer the frosting into piping bag with a star nozzle at the bottom

and decorate the cake leaving space in between

further, garnish with chopped strawberry

finally, cut and serve oreo cream cheesecake or store in refrigerator for a week or more.