firstly, in a blender take 1 cup mango and 1 tbsp sugar.

add ½ cup water and blend to flowing consistency juice.

pour the mango juice to popsicle mould filling ¾ of the mould.

cover and freeze for 30 minutes or until it thickens slightly.

now add a tsp of grapes slices in each mould.

cover and freeze for 30 more minutes or until the mango layer set slightly.

prepare coconut milk layer by taking ¾ cup coconut milk in a bowl.

add 1 tbsp sugar, stir and dissolve sugar.

once the mango layer sets slightly, pour in coconut milk.

cover and freeze for 8 hours.

now to unmould, dip in warm water for 3 seconds and pull the popsicle.

finally, enjoy mango popsicles or mango candy for 2-3 months.