mango ice cream recipe

firstly, in a large bowl take 2 cup thickened cream. you can also use amul cream or whipping cream preferably with 35% milk fat

add ½ cup powdered sugar and beat or whisk for 2 minutes or till stiff peaks appear.

further, add ¾ cup mango pulp. to prepare mango pulp blend 2 mango to smooth puree without adding any water

beat or whisk again for 2 minutes or till the mixture turns creamy

optionally add 3 drops of yellow food colour for bright yellow colour

beat till the colour combines well

transfer the prepared mixture into freezer safe jar

cover with the lid and freeze for 8 hours or till it sets completely.

now dip the ice cream scooper in warm water and scoop ice cream

finally, serve mango ice cream scoops garnished with tutti frutti.