lauki ka halwa recipe

firstly, peel the skin of lauki and grate leaving behind the seed.

now in a large kadai heat ¼ cup ghee and roast 5 cashew, 5 badam and 2 tbsp raisins.

roast the nuts to golden brown and keep aside.

now add in grated lauki and saute for 5 minutes.

saute till the lauki shrinks slightly and changes colour.

add in ½ cup milk and mix well.

cook for 10 minutes or till milk thickens and lauki gets cooked completely.

further add in ¾ cup sugar and mix well.

sugar melts and boil for 5 minutes or till it thickens.

meanwhile prepare khoya by heating 1 tsp ghee and ¼ cup milk.

add in ½ cup milk powder and mix well.

break the lumps and mix till the mixture separates from the pan.

keep stirring till the mixture separates from the pan and instant khoya is ready.

add in prepared instant khoya into lauki mixture.

mix well breaking the khoya and combines well with lauki mixture.

keep stirring till the mixture thickens and forms a mass.

add in roasted nuts and ¼ tsp cardamom powder. mix well.

finally, transfer dudhi halwa / lauki ka halwa to a bowl and serve hot or chilled.