kesar milk peda with milkmaid

firstly, in a thick bottomed pan or a nonstick pan heat ghee.

further add condensed milk. reduce or increase the amount of condensed milk depending on the sweetness you prefer.

also add milk powder.

mix well keeping the flame on low.

also mix and mash breaking the lumps of milk powder if present. alternatively, sieve the milk powder before adding.

mix continuously, till the milkmaid melts completely.

further keep stirring keeping the flame on low till the mixture thickens.

now add saffron milk or yellow food colour. to prepare saffron milk, soak few stands of saffron in 2 tbsp of warm milk for 15 minutes.

mix well keeping the flame on low.

the mixture thickens and starts to separate from the pan.

further add cardamom powder and ghee to enhance the flavour.

mix well turning off the stove. further cooking, will make peda chewy and slightly hard.

mix till the dough turns soft and smooth.

spread the dough to cool slightly, so it will be easy to prepare pedas.

now scoop a tbsp of dough and prepare a ball.

prepare a smooth and crack free ball by greasing ghee to hands.

and place pistachios or any dry fruit at the centre and press gently.

finally, instant kesar milk peda is ready to serve or refrigerate in a air tight container to store for a week.