dry gulab jamun recipe

firstly, in a large vessel take 1½ cup sugar and 1½ cup water.

also add few threads saffron and stir well making sure the sugar dissolves completely.

keeping the flame on medium, boil for 5 minutes. or till the sugar syrup turns sticky (do not boil to attain 1 string consistency)

now turn off the flame; add ¼ tsp cardamom powder and 1 tsp lemon juice.

stir well and the sugar syrup is ready. cover and keep aside.

now prepare the jamuns by mixing 1 cup milk powder, ¼ cup maida, 1 tsp rava, pinch of baking soda and 1 tsp ghee.

mix well making sure everything is combined.

now add 1 tsp curd, ¼ cup milk (in batches) and start to combine the dough.

add more milk if required and make a soft dough.

do not knead the dough as it ends up into hard jamuns

grease both hands with some ghee and prepare small balls without any cracks. else jamuns will break while frying.

deep fry in medium hot oil / ghee.

stir continuously making sure the jamuns gets cooked from all sides.

fry on low flame till you get black / kala jamuns.

now drain over kitchen paper to absorb extra oil.

transfer the fried jamuns into prepared sugar syrup. (make sure the syrup is hot, else heat it up)

cover and rest for 2 hours or till the jamuns absorb sugar syrup well.

after 2 hours, the kala jumun have doubled in size.

after 2 hours, the kala jumun have doubled in size.

finally, serve dry kala jamun / dry jamun or store in refrigerator for a week.