Cold sandwiches recipes

firstly, prepare the hung curd by placing a sieve in a large bowl layered with a cloth.

pour 2 cups of thick curd and tie tight. alternatively use greek yogurt to skip this step.

refrigerate it for 2 hours or till the curd drops off all water and turns thick.

after 2 hours, the curd turns thick and creamy.

add in ¼ cup eggless mayonnaise and mix well.

further add 2 tbsp carrot, 2 tbsp cabbage, 2 tbsp capsicum, 2 tbsp corn, ½ tsp pepper and ¼ tsp salt.

combine well and keep aside.

now cut the sides of 2 bread slices. this is optional, however sandwich taste great.

spread 2 tbsp of prepared curd sandwich stuffing.

cover with another slice of bread and press gently.

finally, cut half and serve dahi sandwich or pack to kids lunch box.