bread halwa recipe

firstly, trim the sides of 5 slices of bread and cut into pieces.

now in a large kadai heat 3 tbsp ghee and roast 1 tbsp raisins and 1 tbsp cashew. keep aside.

add in bread pieces and roast for 2 minutes or till it turns golden and crisp.

further add 1 cup milk and soak all bread pieces.

boil for 2 minutes or until the bread turns soft.

mash the bread pieces well stirring continuously.

cook till the ghee starts to separate from sides.

add in ¼ cup sugar and stir well.

sugar dissloves and the starts to separate from pan.

cook till a lump is formed.

now add in roasted cashes, raisins and ¼ tsp cardamom powder. mix well.

finally, serve bread halwa hot or can be stored for 2 days.